Clinical Trials – for sponsors

CUD-MED is a medical center, which uses the most innovative therapies and uses the most modern equipment.

Clinical Trials have been conducting in a separate part of the building, in the department of clinical trials with limited access. So we provide comfort to the patient during visits to the resort. We have the ability to carry out serial visits. We have comfortable rooms equipped area for the patient.

At our site we conduct trials in following indications and specialties:

  1. COPD
  2. Asthma
  3. Diabetes Mellitus
  4. Rheumatology – especially rheumatoid arthritis and ankylos spondyloarthrosis
  5. Renal failure
  6. Dermatology
  7. Cardiology
  8. Vaccines

We have the latest equipment and all the amenities:

  • A dedicated office for CRA to monitor clinical trials
  • Site archive which meets the requirements for storage in appropriate conditions, documentation of clinical trials
  • Treatment rooms
  • equipment to perform lung function tests
  • Certified ECG machines
  • Certified weights with stadiometer
  • Certified sphygmomanometer for measuring blood pressure, and other apparatuses for measuring the temperatures required in clinical trials
  • Laboratory for biological samples for laboratory tests, fridge with the option of monitoring the temperature of min / max with data logging and telemetry, approved and certified freezers -20st.C, -30st.C, -80stC. With the proper monitoring and recording of temperature
  • Access to the analytical laboratory, diagnostic imaging,
  • Emergency equipment, automatic AED
  • 2 centrifuges able to spin at room temperature and with cooling tubes.

In our center we have an electronic access control system, which guarantees the security and confidentiality. Access to the premises of the resort is limited only to authorized employees of the resort.

The electronic system for measuring the temperature in rooms, refrigerators and freezers informing about ambient temperature variations by e-mail and SMS provides security conserved drugs, pharmaceutical and biological materials.

Research is conducted by an experienced team of employees, which includes 6 doctors with a specialization in the second degree, 4 nurses clinical trials, two of them have experience in performing spirometry, chief coordinator of clinical trials, 2 coordinators, medical data, and 2 assistants.

E-mail for sending trials proposals and feasibilities: